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Monarch World Ag
Expo Exhibit

Monarch Tractor
  • Branding
  • Event Production
  • Exhibit Design
  • Media Creation
  • Graphic Design


100% electric, autonomous, data-driven... oh and its a tractor. It needs a place to call home on the road.


Monarch brought the world’s first 100% electric, driver optional, connected tractor to Tulare, CA for the World Agriculture Expo. The MK-V deserved a home that spoke to both the brand's mission as well as the the attendee's curiosity. The booth was designed to take advantage of common building materials, quick assembly, and future reusability with reconfiguration while maintaining a unique presence in the sea of other vendors. The centerpiece was the orchard, where the MK-V showed off it's autonomous capabilities while the Monarch team demoed the fleet management software via Wingspan AI website, mobile applications and live cameras... all connected in real time.

Graphic panels consisted of OSB sheets with a custom direct-to-substrate printing process which maintained the authenticity of the product's texture.